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Communication Connection Consultant April Canik travels to inspire congregations across Texas with ways to leverage Best Practices in Kingdom Communication to make an eternal impact. The half-day workshop is an interactive, educational and entertaining “show and tell” session featuring real life examples of best practices at work. The first half of the day includes videos, contests and an array of case studies and the last half of the workshop provides attendees facilitates group work leading to new priorities and a plan of action incorporating new ideas.These workshops can be customized to large or small churches and are guaranteed to energize leaders to see communication in a new way. Call for dates and details.

Case Studies

Example 1

COMMUNICATION CHALLENGE: Throughout Hurricane Harvey, when hundreds of visitors and neighbors in need were coming through Holy Covenant UMC in Katy, people asked for a “takeaway” brochure with information about the church — but one did not exist at the time.

SOLUTION: Communication Connection worked with Holy Covenant to put together an overview “rack card” that could be placed in visible places throughout the church for newcomers and members to have as a reference of the key church opportunities and contacts for more information.

PRICE TAG: The design and printing cost for 500 copies was $470.

Example 2

COMMUNICATION CHALLENGE: For years, the “newsletter” used by Somerville UMC was simply an all-text update that provided readers with highlights via brief sentence descriptions.

SOLUTION: Communication Connection designed a simple WORD document template with areas for photos or illustrations to make the news more visibly attractive.

PRICE TAG: For a mere $50 Somerville UMC gained a newsletter design that keeps the mission and vision in front of the reader, is more engaging, and reflects much better on the image of the church.

Example 3

COMMUNICATION CHALLENGE: Holy Covenant UMC wanted to give visibility and recognition to the roster of 2018 leaders while raising awareness of the various ministries and positions that are ongoing at the church.